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Friday, November 28, 2008

Energy Star Summit
Dav3 will be attending the Energy Star summit in Denver, CO December 1-2, 2008.  Please check back on comments and thoughts posted next week.
6:04 pm mst

Thoughts on Green Career workshop



My thoughts are both excitable and a bit awe-struck.  Are we really stuck on “green?”  I really feel that the industry of renewable energy, sustainable living and all the names that fall under green are very lost in their identity.  People are excited (including me) about the shift in paradigm and the future of the industry.  This excitement is also hitting a dark climate for economic growth and more expensive options.  So that being said people are jumping in and dying quickly, lots of them.  So the opportunity is there to proceed with patience, observation and long term (beyond the horizon) thinking and action. 

The workshop stimulated thoughts, resources and the excitement, while adding reality and diverse options.  I think that California (northern/ bay area) is trend setting the curve for this culture shift and it could be a very good place to educate and get work experience and knowledge.  On the same side of the coin, Colorado is emerging and showing deep commitment with less regulation and less competition.  Regardless to say thinking as a “we” and not as a “me” is the biggest hurdle.  People are getting more and more open to new, radical change (Look at the excitement and pure energy surrounding Obama) that will translate into a change in thinking and a lifestyle changes.  This deep impact will be rapid at first, but the ideas that look beyond the immediate needs/shifts will make true change and affect OUR future.

I am positive about the future as we actively EVOLVE ENERGY.  With humble confidence I can say” I will become an expert in the field of sustainable and independent (domestically produced) Energy, helping people realize that we can move forward and keep our wealth!”

2:25 pm mst

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Green Career Conference 2008
Dav3 is attending a workshop on November 22nd at UC Berkeley.  The workshop information is attached:  Check back for thoughts on the conference

 Green Career Conference 2008

Saturday, November 22, 2008
University of California at Berkeley

Join us for our 3rd Annual Green Career Conference:

Practical tools for finding and getting your dream job
Insider perspectives from industry experts
How to use the skills you have to get the green job you want
Meet employers looking to hire now
Crucial tips for successful career transition
Strategic education and training options
And much more!

Overview of the day:

All Day:
Bring a Resume -
Experience Unlimited will be offering free onsite resume review

Conversation Mapping - Interactive idea generation and networking

7:00-8:00 Registration              
Coffee and morning refreshments
8:00-8:15 Welcome
8:15-9:00 Opening Keynote
: Green Careers in the Expanding Green Economy
Kevin Danaher of Global Exchange will offer a big picture perspective on the opportunities and challenges of the expanding green economy

9:00-11:00 Industry Expert Panelists
Experts from an array of green sectors will share an overview of trends and opportunities from their fields
Renewable Energy & Fuels
Green Media & Technology
Sustainable Building & Design

Transportation Solutions
Natural Foods
Transforming Business and Culture
And More!
11:00-12:00 Finding Your Green Niche
Carol McClelland, PhD, author of "Your Dream Career For Dummies" and founder of Greencareercentral.com will offer insights on matching skill and passion with opportunity

1:00-5:00 Afternoon Sessions
Strategies and Tactics for the Effective Job Search
with Marie Kerpan of Green Careers

Nailing the Interview
with Jason A Ulibarri of GreenPlanetCareers.com

Emerging Opportunities in Green Media and Web 2.0
with Joey Shepp of Urth.tv and Stacie Shepp of Earthsite.net

Brainstorming Solutions to Your Job Search Frustrations
with Carol McClelland of GreenCareerCentral.com

Taking the Entrepreneurial Road; Pros and Cons of Starting Something New
with Lana Holmes, co-founder of Farmsreach.com and 20+ other start-ups

Brand Management and Marketing; Tools and Strategies from the Natural Foods Trade
with Greg Hartman, President of Oasis Sales and Marketing

Resources for Research: Exploring your Green Career Options
with Jim Cassio, consultant and author of Green Careers Resource Guide and Green Careers: Choosing Work for a Sustainable Future
and with Christina Rogers, of Angeles Career Consulting

Strategic Education & Training
Sustainability Consulting
Find Your Dream Job In Solar
Leveraging Skills in a Changing Economy
And More!

5:00-6:00 Closing Presentation
Paul Hannam, author, and founder of Bright Green Talent, will offer tips, tools, strategies and perspective, for your success

6:00-7:30 Organic wine, refreshments, and Networking
Continue the conversation and networking to make contacts and get to know presenters, potential employers, and fellow job-seekers. Have a refreshing organic beverage and get to know the green community!
12:01 am mst

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