IMAGIN3 PROPERTY CARE offers a "peace of mind" to the protection of your grand county investment.

A. After completion of new homes or existing homes offering a service and maintenance plan. Offered by and through many different local GC's.

B. Annual packages that provide simple needs and preventative maintenance to Full service needs.

C. Fulfilling GC warranty programs- teaming up with local GC's that are completing projects to take care of any warranty and maintenance issues that arise during warranty period.

Adding Value and Peace of Mind

Imagin3 Property Management has recognized a need for High-end Property management and Service that currently does not exist in Grand County.  The mountain environment is very harsh on materials, heating systems, roofs and your overall house function, all of which need to be watched and maintained.  I am constantly performing tasks, observing and fixing issues that occur on my own house, and I live here.  We both know that your home was well designed and built, and you have a substantial investment that sits, waiting for you to come and enjoy it.  That being said, you have a great home and the best thing you can do for that home is maintain it through preventive maintenance and regular service.   That is where IPM comes into to add value and “Peace of Mind” to your existing mountain home.  We are glad to be your eyes and ears here while you are not.  That way you can come to enjoy your time here and not deal with things not working properly or worse, damage that has occurred in your absence.  Whether you choose our bi-annual, weekly or custom service packages your house needs help as it ages.  Imagin3 Property management encourages working for your house as much as it works for you, and we can do the non-fun part while you do the FUN part.   Our team is eager to help you protect, improve and add value to your home and increase your love for Grand County.