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Thursday, January 6, 2011

2011- A year ahead

As we look to understand and learn from 2010, it is now 2011.  Imagin3 Energy Solutions has quickly become a recognized name in Grand County.  Recently awarded the Kremmling Library Energy Study, that GC BEDA has written a grant for.  Also Continuing the training at Mi Casa after a very successful 2010. 

Imagin3 has been beta testing the Performance upgrade work on existing homes and is seeing results that vary, but overall a wonderful test in ability, solutions and efficiency.

Sustainability has taken a new seat within the organization as I now have an 8 month old girl that is looking to my wife and I for guidance in this new world.  Well I have taken on the responsibility of protecting the world around her and want to sustain a future for her in how I run my business and the decisions that we make.

It is deep winter here in Fraser and we are feeling the cold around us.  Our house has become a testing ground for comfort, efficiency and health indoor air as I begin the performance upgrade work on a home built only 10 years ago.  Results will follow.

I thank God for the opportunities that exist all around and encourage those whom want to be involved with what we are doing to contact me.  We can share a chair lift discussion and "change our world."


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